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Order Number: N1491600
Empty Filter Cube for SZX10/7.
Order Number: N1491800
GFPHQ Filter Set for SZX10/7. For GFP and blue-excited fluorophores. Excitation: 460-480HQ. Dichroic: 485. Emission: 495-610HQ
Order Number: N1491700
YFPHQ Filter Set for SZX10/7. For YFP and green-excited fluorophores. Excitation: 495-540HQ. Dichroic: 505. Emission: 515-610HQ
Order Number: N1979600
RFP Filter Set for SZX10/7. For RFP and green/yellow-excited fluorophores. Excitation: 545-580. Dichroic: 600. Emission: 610 longpass

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