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Unless your prior consent is given or unless permitted by law, Olympus will use the Personal Information provided by you through this Contact Us form for the purposes listed below or for purposes that are obvious given the state in which your information was acquired:
- To respond to your inquiries or your requests
- For market research concerning Olympus' business, preparation of statistics and product development
Olympus will obtain your prior consent in the event that Olympus intends to use your Personal Information for purposes other than the above.

In order to achieve the purposes of use indicated to you above paragraph(1), Olympus may forward information provided by you to outsourcers(Olympus group companies, and/or distributors,agents of Olympus), with whom Olympus has concluded confidentiality agreements, so that such outsourcers may directly respond to you.

You may, under the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law, request Olympus Group Companies in Japan (except for companies with their own privacy policies in place). that the Personal Information you provided to them be disclosed, amended or deleted.
Please go to the Personal Information Inquiry page for more details.

Please see Olympus Personal Information Protection Policy for details on the treatment of Personal Information by Olympus Group Companies in Japan (except for listed companies with their own privacy policies in place).

If you are under the age of 16, please make sure to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before providing your Personal Information.

As stated in Paragraph 8 of the About This Website and the Submission of Ideas, Olympus is not obligated to accept or consider any unsolicited information or ideas about technologies, products, services, designs or business from the public ("Idea") through this Olympus Website or otherwise.